Spa Indulgence Set
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Spa Indulgence Set

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When it is all said and done everyone needs some TLC sometime. We at Our Table Farms feel that when it is time to relax and enjoy yourself why not indulge your self with our Spa set. 

Inside you will find a bottle of our very own Mommy Time Milk Bath with soothing Oatmeal, rich goats milk and Calming Botanicals to provide you with a luxurious soak. There will also be one of our Breathe Bars to gently cleanse way the grime of day. Finally, there will be a tub of Mojito Mornings body butter, the most silken and smooth whipped skin cream you may have every felt to seal and soften your hydrated beautiful skin.   

I am not saying you have to go this route, but I am saying you owe it to yourself to try!