Foaming Liquid Soap
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Foaming Liquid Soap

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You've asked and asked and I've listened. So, here we have it Our Table Farms Foaming liquid soap. I know many people just can't get back to using a bar of soap. Even though bar soap is self cleansing and really good for you, I understand the convenience of a pump by the sink or in the shower. So we have formulated out first foaming soap. It comes in a foaming dispenser because it is pure soap without all the chemical thickeners so while the soap itself seems thin it is really strong and the foaming pump make it easy to dispense as well. 

Our first liquid soap is a do it all super simple solution. which works great as a hand and body soap, but is also really effective as a dish soap or general cleaner. This is the first non goats milk soap we have made and offered. It is more of a castile soap with a coconut oil and olive oil blend to increase the cleansing power. Which make it good for more than just your body. I am working on a liquid goats milk soap as well that I enjoy and I feel is stable after dilution. I don't want your soap going "goaty" on you. and we love this formula. 

I actually use it as a laundry soap while still unscented for washing my hunting clothes, and it does an amazing job. As a family for bow hunters we tend to get extra close to our quarry and we do so undetected. We ship our soap in 250 ml pump bottles ready to go. and may add a refill option in the future depending on interest. 

So if using a bar of soap just isn't your thing please try out natural foaming pump soaps.

For now we are offering unscented, Rosemary Lemon and Eucalyptus Peppermint


Ingredients: distilled water, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, potassium hydroxide, Essential oils for fragrance  

As Always we never use any synthetic ingredients or thickeners. We strive to make our products as simple and pure and gentle as possible.

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