Baby's Bum Cream
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Baby's Bum Cream

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       Rich and creamy, our body butter is and extra special gift for your skin. Made with loads of fresh goats milk from the nannies here at Our Table Farms. Body butter is that extra pampering you give yourself when a quick dose of lotion just is not enough. Whipped until it is light and airy, smooth as silk it glides onto your skin providing that deep down moisturizing you just cannot get anywhere else. The goats milk provides the moisture as well as the vitamins and minerals your skin craves to glow and be as radiant as a new born child. The light avocado and coconut oils help seal in the nourishment as it helps to heal damaged and worn skin. You owe it to yourself to take care you your body. Try our Body Butter and see how much your skin loves you.  

Our Baby's Bum Cream is everything our wonderful body butters are with the addition of Bentonite clay. with helps provide a moisture barrier to help protect sensitive baby's skin or raw chafed spots on the whole family. There are no added essential oils and the formula is super mild. With the next generation of our extended family making their arrives we have taken the time to make sure that their skin is cared for too. This is our simple solution for those who would reach for desitin or other product to have something from us. 


Our Body Butter come in 8oz wide mouth tubs. 


Ingredients: Fresh Goat's Milk, water, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, wax, Bentonite clay, Stearic Acid, Essential oils 

**All of our soaps and lotions are made with pure essential oils and no synthetic fragrance oils are ever added to enhance the scent.  Our products are made with raw goats milk fresh from the Nannies at Our Table Farms.

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