Our Local Farms Hub

Welcome! We wanted to share a space on our page to Promote Local, Fresh, Available Goods from Our Friends at Farmers Markets we Love!

Our Table Farms is dedicated to the idea that it takes a village of like-minded people to make a sustainable community work. No single farm or produce can on a sustainable scale make everything we need, nor do we have the expertise to do so. We have learned to join together with friends and family to provide you with a place to see what is available to you. 

Below you will find links to websites and Social media pages of friends and farms alike who provide various goods for your liking. We also have a small storefront in Catawba SC run and manned by the awesome boys of Penny Family Farm at the home farm location where some of these items can be purchased always.


Our Table Farms

found here on this page as well as at Penny Family Farm Store. 

Providing Goats Milk soaps, and lotions

Goat Meat, Lamb, Whole Frozen Rabbit

Penny Family Farm


Penny Family Farm and Our Table Farms has joined together over the past couple of years co raising our Lamb and Goat Meat as well as their Beef, Pork, and Chicken to provide the best product possible. We consider them Farm Family an extension of our own home, and we hope you give them the same love.  

Providing home delivery, and in-store pickup at the home farm.

Non-GMO soy and corn free Eggs (Chicken and Duck) 

Pasture-raised Pork and Beef and Chicken

Aromatherapy candles

Blended Bakery Trolley


Baked Goods, Bread, and other wonderful foods

The Craftsman Beverage Co


Providing handcrafted syrups and mixers for your beverage needs. 

Lincoln Road farms


Providing baked goods, cheese rings, biscuits

Growing Joy


Providing lettuces and various produce in the Rockhill area