Gift Sets and Farmhouse Picks

Every one is different. That is what make you, well you - and me, me. We all have our own likes and dislikes. That is definitely true at our house.  All of our needs and skin types are different. So here are 3 different 3 bar soap sets based on our personal preferences. 

First and foremost Mom's pick. Deb works hard both here around the farm as well as at the office. Making sure Mom is looked after is one of us guy's top priorities.

Next Comes the Milkers, Malachi and Josiah are hard grinding dudes. They get it done with their animals. They are always busy, either with the milking, feeding, watering, and loving of animals, or playing and rough housing in the woods. These two guys don't often stop for long. So when they do, it can be a chore just to get them clean before they are running off to man the next farmers market.

Lastly the Maker, Somebody has to put in the time to make the soaps and good things we all need to get clean and ready. After making all the soap and enjoying all of them I still hold a soft spot for a few special ones.